Memory is very important and powerful asset of our life. This is the greatest power of our mind. We can easily say that it is the utmost treasure gifted to us by God. But, unfortunately people are using just a small percentage of their memory. Memory is pivotal in all facets of life. Now, the fact which we need to understand is that everybody has unlimited memory but to use memory in maximum percentage is an art that must be learnt.

     Memory is important for people of all age groups. Our memory module reveals the best memory methods ever devised. You will learn the ancient techniques given by the Romans, Greeks & Indians to create harmony between two spheres of brain thus, enabling you to use them to tackle your routine tasks and challenges.

Mid Brain Team

Mr. Dharmesh Pithva-Mind Trainer

Mr.Dharmesh Pithva

   Mr. Dharmesh Pithva, the youngest Memory guru of India and our honourable trainer is conducting the training programs for more than 10 years. He has miraculously turned the lives of students and parents by helping them overcome their constraints related to memory.

   He is Automobile Engineer with top rank to his credit. He has trained Students to Doctors, Judges to Top level Managers of well-known companies.

Ms.Nidhi Gusani-Mid Brain Team Member

Ms.Nidhi Gusani

   Ms.Nidhi Gusani is an MBA-HR with Gold Medal from Gujarat Technological University. She is consistently researching on Memory & Neurons development with the research papers by renowned scientists of the world because; we believe in Kaizen.