Our Testimonials

  • The Program by Savyasanchi Education has been highly appreciated by Students and Teachers. Memory techniques are very useful for our students.

  • Techniques to develop Memory is very useful for our Trainees, This knowledge should reach to every individual as every human being needs good memory.

  • Memory Improvement techniques by Mr.Dharmesh Pithva is highly appreciable, Result of our students has been improved.

  • The session by Mr.Dharmesh Pithva was really marvellous and encouraging for our students regarding memory techniques and implementing it in their day-to-day life. It's not development of students but development of society and nation in proper direction.

What is Mid Brain?

  • Mid Brain

          The MidBrain manages the function of both the left and right brain. It is a portion of the central nervous system associate with vision, hearing, sleep, action/reaction, walk etc. It is located below the central Cortex.

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  • Mid Brain Activation Workshop

         The brain processes 800 neurological connections for every seconds it is properly simulated. We can easily say that Mind is the utmost treasure gifted to us by God. But, unfortunately people are using just a small percentage of their Mind.The workshop is about super speed learning how to activate our Mind.

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